Gill was born in the North East of England and spent her first few years in Newcastle, before heading south to attend Wycombe Abbey School. She then went to Newcastle University followed by London University. Gill is an entrepreneur and ran her own marketing consultancy and innovation business for 15 years.

But her heart is in photography and the creative arts.

In 2010 Gill became official photographer for the Windsor visitor management team and the town manager. She has covered a number of state visits and royal occasions. She is regularly commissioned to shoot live events such as rock shows at the O2 Arena and the Union Chapel, Islington, or classical concerts at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, as well as being the nominated stills photographer for TV and Film events. Since 2011 Gill has been the official photographer for the Windsor Festival.

Gill’s work covers a range of genres but she is drawn to the innovative, energetic and artistic as seen in her Natural Beauty porfolio. She is also experimenting with 3D photography, but more specifically with the lenticular technique of printing; a style currently experiencing a resurgence.

Gill's work has been exhibited in a number of countries across Europe and her images are published regularly in a number of magazines and books. Her latest lenticular work is currently being displayed in the G-1 Gallery in Richmond and Covent Garden.

"Most photographers capture what they see in two dimensions. Gill however, pushes these boundaries further into the dimensions of space and time to capture and create images that feel almost three dimensional. With a wedding for example, it happens once, in one moment, and yet Gill's images can tell you what it was like to be there, in that experience, in that emotion"  Richmond Harding Writer and Musician